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    For some people, it’s sensory overload

    We all have things that drive us a little crazy. Most people adapt, and life goes on. But some people have sensory processing disorders.


    Massage therapy can be good for kids too

    It started one night when my 8-year-old son Tyler had a bad dream and couldn’t go back to sleep. I tucked him back in and pulled the covers up over his shoulders. Then I did what we now refer to as the “push down,” which consists of me applying pressure to different parts of...


    Some things just never end well

    The John Edwards trial got me thinking about things that never end well – and the little chat I’d like to have with my son someday when he’s a lot older. We’ll put this one in the filing cabinet for later.


    Cary family doesn’t miss mindless TV

    Keith and Gioia Bliss live in Cary and have three kids: Carter, 8; Cameron, 6; and Sawyer, 3. The family gets Netflix movies through its Wii system and also has access to traditional DVD movies, but no television channels, cable or even a rabbit-ear antenna.