Cynthia Chavez: Better ways to spend $350,000

February 7, 2014 

Better ways to spend $350,000

The town of Cary wants feedback on a bridge proposal on Harrison Avenue between Chatham Street and Chapel Hill Road. Here is mine: Don’t do it. Don’t waste $350,000 studying this proposal.

If Cary is so intent on making a nice downtown area for residents, then take the money and spend it on a huge curb-appeal project and fix up the entrance to the town along Chapel Hill Road. The majority of homes need new roofs, painting and trash removal.

Why waste more than a quarter of a million dollars on a study when it could be better spent actually helping the residents of the town? The homes that surround our downtown area are old and need some curb appeal. A lot of the people who reside in them are longtime residents who don’t have the financial means to maintain them, so let’s help them and spend the money on something tangible that will make a huge difference.

I’d rather see my tax money spent on this type of project than a study of whether we need a bridge. If we need a bridge on Harrison, then won’t we need one on Maynard Road and Chatham Street too?

Cynthia Chavez


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