Tom Bell: Fix Walnut Street first

February 7, 2014 

Fix Walnut Street first

So Cary wants to spend $350,000 to study the need for a viaduct over the railroad tracks at Harrison Avenue?

Here’s an idea: Why not use that money to actually build a viaduct for Cary High School student pedestrians to safely cross over Walnut Street before one of Cary’s many speeders actually kills one of them?

Two teens were clobbered fairly recently while trying to cross Walnut Street from Cary High. Others have been injured in prior years. What is the town waiting for? Evidently, the wait is for the first fatality.

Oh, pardon me. I don’t have my priorities straight: Obviously the need for Cary’s speeders to be able to shave 60 seconds off of their drive time is worth more than some student’s life, right?

Maybe the town will name the Harrison Avenue railroad viaduct in honor of the first CHS student on Walnut Street to get fatally splattered all over some speeder’s windshield .

Tom Bell


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