Scholar-athlete: Amanda Spalding, Athens Drive

January 31, 2014 

Amanda Spalding

Athens Drive, 5-foot-4, senior

Academics: 4.92 GPA on a 4.0 scale with extra credit for advanced classes.

Athletics and activities: Four-year varsity swimmer. Drum major of marching band.

I was fascinated when I learned: “About Rome. I was there two years ago and was walking down an alley. We came to a plaza and the Pantheon was there. You are just walking in this modern city and suddenly you turn the corner and see ancient ruins.”

Most impactful readings: “Shakespeare’s sonnets. I enjoy writing now and letting my creative side take wing.”

Person who made an impact: “My fifth-grade teacher at Oak Grove Elementary, Mr. Dean Mattoon. He was a marine who got me hooked on Edgar Allen Poe and Ernest Hemingway. He always encouraged me to do my best and that something positive always came with change.”

How to lead: “As a servant. The best leaders serve rather than be tyrants.”

Most important U.S. document: “Declaration of Independence, which set the foundation used by our founding fathers.”

How to be a friend: “Listen and have empathy. Everyone wants to be heard and loved.”

Music: “Disney songs. They make me happy.”

Cherishes: “Relationships. With all our activities we are really busy. But the most important thing to do is make people feel loved and be encouraging.”

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