Allen Turkow: An alternative to The Mayton Inn

January 10, 2014 

An alternative to The Mayton Inn

From what I read and hear, the goal of the Cary Town Council is to bring more people to the downtown area. So the town is building a movie theater. It’s renovating the Jones House, eventually adding a downtown park and much more.

So why a hotel downtown? Not just an average hotel, but a high-end hotel. Will that bring the folks downtown? Absolutely not.

The hotel is costing taxpayers millions of dollars, a $1.4 million HUD loan and the loss of $900,000 in the sale of the 1.04-acre lot. Not to mention there is no parking.

Why not replace the hotel idea with a year-round farmers market? Believe me, that will bring people downtown. A 10-minute drive to downtown Cary, buy my fresh fruits and vegetables and stop to have a bite to eat, in lieu of a 30-minute drive to the Raleigh farmers market and supporting their restaurants.

Now that makes good Cary business sense.

No, it is not too late to change the direction of the hotel. There are other locations in the surrounding area, but reserve the downtown park area for attractions that will encourage people to come downtown.

If you are in agreement with my opinion, please contact your local Town Council representative. It’s not too late.

Allen Turkow


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