Ray Czarnecki: New year, new Cary

January 3, 2014 

New year, new Cary

The new year has arrived, and it seems appropriate to give some thought to reviewing the past and planning the future.

Not too long ago, Cary was hardly a bump in the road, with a population of about 8,000 residents, a part-time mayor and six Town Council members. So there was about one elected leader for every 1,100 residents.

Now with a population of about 145,000, that ratio has leaped to about 21,000 residents per elected leader.

Most residents don’t know who represents their district on the Town Council , or their representative’s position on issues.

So council members often have opinions that do not reflect their constituents’ positions. Something is wrong with that, and we need to reorganize to bring back real democracy to our community.

Examples of the need for change are many: the downtown movie theater, the Mayton Inn, high-density development at Davis Drive and High House Road, etc.

Recently, town leaders recognized that change was needed. The town manager reorganized some staff into new units that should serve residents’ changing needs for service.

We stand ready to reorganize how our council and mayor should function. There is a need for improved communication, and the role of the council to represent constituents’ views should be clarified. The mayor’s role should also be clarified, as well as expectations about salaries for council members and the mayor.

To the mayor – please respect the wishes of Cary residents and provide the vehicle for change.

Ray Czarnecki


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