Allen Turkow: High-density development is everything to fear

December 27, 2013 

High-density development is everything to fear

Guest columnist Jim Tynen wrote this in The Cary News about the high-density development at High House Road and Davis Drive: “It was also hard to see that site creating a glut of traffic that would gum up nearby streets.”

It’s already gummed up. They are adding two more stop lights near the main intersection. The development will add hundreds of cars. Remember, this complex has 370 apartments and 20 town houses. And a Publix grocery store is coming. All that isn’t going to gum it up?

The column also said the development looked like “a typical apartment complex for average people.”

Typical? These are being sold as “luxury” apartments. I don’t think their market is for the average person.

“As for property values, I can’t believe one development would turn Cary into Detroit,” Tynen wrote. When this development can’t fill the luxury apartment high prices, they will have to resort to non-luxury apartments. Prices will come down, then starts the crime and then starts the affect on nearby property values.

My neighbors and I were against this development from day one, and now we have to live with this high-rise eye sore every day.

Allen Turkow


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