Charles Ritter: Say ‘no’ to fracking

December 27, 2013 

Say ‘no’ to fracking

Cary’s shale gas development subcommittee wants to temporarily block the controversial practice of fracking in Cary. Western Cary and the Jordan Lake reservoir are part of the Deep River Basin, where fracking might occur.

Overwhelming, independent studies have determined fracking contaminated water supplies in many other states by the legal use of toxic/carcinogenic fracking fluids. It could potentially irreversibly contaminate wells and the Jordan Lake reservoir that supplies drinking water to 300,000 people, including those in Cary and Apex.

A statewide moratorium on fracking is in effect, but the General Assembly could vote to lift it as early as spring 2015.

The Cary subcommittee wants Cary to impose its own moratorium on fracking until 2016 when the Environmental Protection Agency releases a much-anticipated study determining if fracking contaminates drinking water. This is just common sense.

In January, the Cary Environmental Advisory Board will review and evaluate the subcommittee recommendations to see if this information has enough weight to be taken to the Town Council.

Cary Environmental Advisory Board and Cary Town Council – do the right thing!

And other towns and counties out there at risk for potential water contamination – do the right thing!

Charles Ritter


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