David Lindsay: High-density growth requires adequate infrastructure

December 20, 2013 

High-density growth requires adequate infrastructure

I’m writing regarding guest columnist Jim Tynen’s article welcoming more apartments in Cary (Wednesday, Dec. 11, edition of The Cary News).

While apartments that quickly become dilapidated are a concern for surrounding property values, I don’t think Bloods and Crips are the primary concern.

The apartments mentioned are near two of the worst intersections in Cary. It already takes multiple light cycles to get through those intersections at certain times, and the high-density building will only make it worse.

I don’t see how that’s “hard to see” if you drive these roads daily. We’ve lived in this part of Cary for 15 years but are looking to move due to the constant traffic and congestion issues and increasing injury-causing accidents.

Not to mention over-crowded schools.

In addition, it seems a little condescending to imply that the people who move into these apartments will be those who “cook the hamburgers.”

Yes, we need affordable housing for all. But continued over-development without sufficient infrastructure is bad policy, both short and long term.

David Lindsay


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