Ziptronix sells Morrisville lab

December 10, 2013 

Local semiconductor company Ziptronix announced Monday that it has sold its development lab in Morrisville to Tezzaron Semiconductor for an undisclosed sum.

The lab will be operated by Novati Technologies, a subsidiary of Tezzaron.

Ziptronix, now based in Raleigh, spun out of nonprofit research organization RTI International in 2000. The company’s technology allows manufacturers to chemically bond semiconductor chips in three-dimensional structures and form electrical connections between them.

Ziptronix, which has six employees, said in a statement that it no longer needs to dedicate resources to commercialize its technology because it has been adopted by others.

“As we look to accelerate 3D integration, our focus is increasingly on addressing the needs of the maturing and emerging markets that are adopting our technology via licensing,” Dan Donabedian, CEO of Ziptronix, said in a statement.

Tezzaron plans to use the facility to further develop its own memory chips. The deal includes a clause that will allow Ziptronix’s lab customers to continue to have access to the lab to perform their own development work.

“We get the facility we need for our technology development, fully equipped and staffed with seasoned personnel,” Tom Ayers, CEO of Tezzaron, said in a statement. “At the same time, Ziptronix retains its ability to support its customers by ensuring they are able to continue their advanced development work in the lab.”

Staff writer David Bracken

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