Jeff Kinder: A dangerous crosswalk

December 6, 2013 

A dangerous crosswalk

With regard to the recent news article about the dangerous crosswalk at Cary High School: I applaud the proactive response by school Principal Nolan Bryant to attempt to mitigate the hazards at that crosswalk when it’s possible for him to do so.

To be sure, he certainly has limited resources at the school to actively address the problem, but his actions clearly show that he is doing so in the best interests of his students. Kudos Mr. Bryant!

In contrast, the Cary Police Department states that it “doesn’t have the resources to assign officers to traffic duty at each school.”

I’m sure that is not what is being asked of them, only to enforce the traffic laws at a proven dangerous traffic site during peak hours, and only during the school year, which amounts to approximately half of a calendar year.

However, the resources seem to be available occasionally around town to set up speed traps on much less dangerous roads, perhaps coinciding with periods when traffic-citation quotas must be met.

But in the end, we live in Cary, the greatest – and safest – town in the country, and we know that they always know what’s best for us.

Jeff Kinder


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