Emily Manuel: Bring the water tower down

November 29, 2013 

Bring the water tower down

The water tower near Cary High School has been standing for as long as I can remember, honoring the senior class of all Cary high schools.

But is this decrepit, costly and unaccommodating tower worth keeping around?

The town should demolish the tower, because it’s not in use and it doesn’t honor all the high schools like one would think.

Even though this tower is supposed to represent all of the high schools of Cary, it is known throughout the community that the water tower only really represents the Cary High School senior class. And that’s why only Cary High students and parents truly care about the tower going down.

Cary town staff came up with four options for the tower: repair, rehabilitate, replace or demolish it. The first three options would require a lot of money.

We shouldn’t be wasting time waiting for the town to make a decision. We should end this tradition that doesn’t mean much to all of the schools anymore.

The tower should be brought down, considering the great cost it would require. It doesn’t live up to its reputation by only representing one high school anyway.

There are five other water towers in Cary. The town should make one of those a new landmark – one that wouldn’t be claimed by a single high school.

We could save money that could be used for better things throughout the community, and we could show our respect for every school’s graduating class.

Emily Manuel


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