Anthony Bruno: A bad use of public money

November 29, 2013 

A bad use of public money

If any municipality must know how not to spend taxpayers’ money, it needs to look no further than the town of Cary, which continues to spend like it has its own printing press.

So it is, as once again a story appeared describing how select town employees receive bonuses, some even larger than their salaries.

Through recent reports in The News & Observer and The Cary News, readers not only learned that Sean Ferreira, manager of the Cary Tennis Park, received a bonus of over $70,000 but also saw that the tennis facility runs an annual deficit of $275,000.

Now, the town might cite the revenue has tripled to more than $1.3 million, proving the tennis operation is a success, but this provides no solace to taxpayers who must bear the cost of this annual subsidy.

But perhaps we should be thankful the bonus is only $71,000. Imagine how much Ferreira would have received if the tennis center operated without the $275,000 deficit.

Anthony Bruno


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