Kevin Jones: Let’s re-fix N.C. 55

November 22, 2013 

Let’s re-fix N.C. 55

The Holly Springs Town Council has been duped by the N.C. Department of Transportation.

According to the state, making N.C. 55 a super street was supposed to be the answer.

It was going to speed traffic along the highway and keep it flowing smoothly.

Now that it is done, N.C. 55 is a complete disaster, especially at rush hour. Two stoplights turned into eight, and that can’t ever be a good thing.

The super street concept may work well in areas with less volume.

There are stretches of U.S. 401 between Fuquay-Varina and Garner that employ the super street concept, and it is OK there. But there aren’t traffic lights there.

On N.C. 55, there is no longer any flow or rhythm to the traffic pattern. One light is always turning red, even when there is no traffic.

Or worse, a car will be waiting to turn and there are no cars coming.

I’m calling on town leaders to fix the problem.

How? There are several options. How about adding an extra lane on N.C. 55 in either direction between Avent Ferry Road and N.C. 540? Or putting in an interchange at Holly Springs Road?

Maybe feeder roads could help, or a roundabout.

Or maybe we could put it back the way that it was.

Any option would cost money. So let the voters decide in a bond referendum. I would prefer the problem fixed properly and am willing to help pay for it to make our town better.

Kevin Jones

Holly Springs

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