Robert Hawkins: Stop the gerrymandering

November 22, 2013 

Stop the gerrymandering

The two-party system has served the United States well for a long time.

Currently, the Republican Party is badly crippled, its survival threatened. Do Republicans see the basic problem clearly enough to address it effectively?

The basic problem, gerrymandering, is an ugly, anti-democratic process used for decades by both parties.

Now, with the help of computers and extensive voting records, Republicans have created many voting districts that are so extremely conservative that no reasonable politician can even get nominated in those districts, much less elected to office.

Only extremists are chosen, resulting in the rise of the tea party.

Tea party members are not interested in reasonable governing, which requires respecting the opinions of fellow legislators.

In attempting to get their way, they imposed a very damaging sequestering of funds across much of our government and an even more damaging government shutdown.

This kind of arrogant obstructionism will continue unless both Republican and Democratic legislators address the basic issue of gerrymandering and let an independent body do the redistricting that must be done after every census.

Robert Hawkins


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