Frances Doyle: Fly the flags, even during construction

November 15, 2013 

Fly the flags, even during construction

The town of Cary has “forgotten” and should be ashamed.

Twice a year, I take my 10-year-old to the Veterans Freedom Park on Harrison Avenue to place flags in remembrance and thanks to our military. Imagine my horror as we arrived at the park on Veterans Day – all the flag poles, where each military branch is honored, as well as the pole for the American flag, were bare.

The park is being remodeled. But if the town and the park developers could not coordinate to have the project finished in time for Veterans Day, could it not at least fly the flags on this day?

Although, quite frankly, why can’t the flags fly every day, even during construction? If the flag poles are still there and the Veterans Park sign is still there, why can’t the flags fly? I assure you, our veterans have seen much worse than a construction site.

Thank you to all who serve or who have served.

Frances Doyle


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