Denise Sturdy: Don’t like the rules? Then leave

November 8, 2013 

Don’t like the rules? Then leave

Some developers are complaining about Cary’s rule that prevents them from cutting down large trees. If they don’t like the rules here in Cary, then they should go somewhere else.

I am amazed at how Cary has managed to attract those that are determined to grind it out of its current aesthetic and make it the concrete and pole-sign wasteland of everywhere else. I urge them all to stop complaining and go away.

And I urge Cary officials to stand firm. I assure officials that those of us who currently live here like the rules just fine. In fact, that’s why we are still here.

Those who don’t like it: Go somewhere else.

Cary is one of the last refuges in the country from the developer-driven malaise of everywhere USA looking exactly like everywhere else.

Cary likes its trees and its green and blooming medians. We don’t want massive structures looming over us at every intersection. We don’t care if developers can’t make their fortunes here. They can adapt their greed to our aesthetics or go somewhere else.

Denise Sturdy


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