Don Thomas: Fewer lanes on Walnut Street a great idea

November 1, 2013 

Fewer lanes on Walnut Street is a great idea

I read with great interest the options that are being considered for Walnut Street in Cary.

Option two, which would reduce the street to one lane in each direction, makes perfect sense from safety, aesthetic and traffic-flow perspectives.

I have lived in Cary for 20 years and have commuted to Cary High School, where I have taught for the past 18 years.

Whether driving in my car, riding my bike or walking to Cary Elementary to walk my children home, I have always wondered how much better this street could be.

In its current configuration, it encourages speeding and discourages easily being crossed. It is an asphalt barrier between east and west neighborhoods.

A grassy median makes perfect sense.

It would allow for a wider single lane to slow traffic for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

It would also put the nix on all the drivers coming from Cary Elementary School who jump out to pass other traffic where the road widens.

I often observe drivers approaching 45 mph on that stretch.

Property values would likely improve. A strip of lawn and low shrubs would make Walnut Street much more livable.

And thanks for the changes to Kildaire Farm Road. It’s easier to cross that road now, and traffic hasn’t been slowed a bit that I can tell.

I would feel much better about my son biking to East Cary Middle School and crossing two-lane roads.

We always worry when he gets to Walnut Street.

Keep the good ideas coming.

Don Thomas


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