Ray Czarnecki: Tell us the real cost

November 1, 2013 

Tell us the real cost

My wife and I took time out to see what was advertised as a designer’s view of the planned 7-acre downtown Cary park.

Admittedly, the park looks very attractive with a small pond, paths, trees and what looks like a small stage.

The guide indicated that the estimated cost of this small area was $1.2million. My wife and I agree that this will eventually be a real asset to downtown.

We had a few unanswered questions that we need answers to that should help in selling the project.

When asked what the estimated cost was for the whole park, no one could give us an answer.

My wife stopped and said, “We don’t buy things at our house without an estimate of the total cost.”

We hope the town has the same standards.

Please don’t mess this up; give us an estimate of what the whole park will cost, including changes needed to accommodate The Mayton Inn.

Also, tell us where the money for the park will come from.

Lastly, we noticed that surrounding land was still zoned for nine-story buildings in spite of council statements that we will not have buildings at that height.

Six-story buildings at Bradford (High House Road/Davis Drive) are too much. Let’s stop at four stories.

Ray Czarnecki


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