Doug Richmond: Walnut Street doesn’t need a ‘diet’

October 25, 2013 

Walnut Street doesn’t need a ‘diet’

I hope that the Cary Town Council looks really hard at the proposed “diet” for Walnut Street.

In the best of all worlds, it comes across as if everyone involved with promoting the proposal has a short memory.

I recall the days when Walnut Street was almost a parking lot from Crossroads Plaza to Cary Towne Center, especially at busy times for each mall.

As per policy, Cary solved the traffic congestion by widening the street.

The state helped by moving some intersections and entrance and exit ramps.

The town also rezoned to accommodate offices and small businesses as the residential aspects of the street became less desirable.

In a worst-of-all-worlds sense, it comes across as saying all that was a mistake and we need to reverse it.

I do not see how now narrowing the street again – the “diet” – can do anything but make it all worse.

Going back to two lanes with medians all the way might be pretty, but it would not, in my opinion, help at all.

I recently moved from Hillsdale Forest and constantly traveled that route.

I admit I was skeptical about the relocated intersection. I thought it would simply move the congestion closer to my entry and exit route.

I was wrong.

It extended the wait time a bit, and notwithstanding my comments on the medians, the one at Kingston Ridge Road provided a convenient “free space” when turning to the left toward downtown Cary.

Still, just resurface the street.

Doug Richmond


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