Andrea Cross-Dial: Consider the environmental impact

October 18, 2013 

Consider the environmental impact

I was dismayed to read that Cary’s grassy medians are “going bare.” Not because they are going bare, but because the town is taking steps to replant grass where grass shouldn’t be planted.

Grass has a tough time growing around here. It requires a lot of maintenance. A recent news article stated that in addition to the investment of $1.2 million, tens of thousands of dollars of maintenance costs would be required due to trimming, cutting and fertilizing. This is not only a huge waste of town money, it is an environmental disaster. Gas/electricity is wasted, and fertilizers run off into the waterways.

It would be nice if the town that is so concerned with appearances would also be concerned about the environment and the budget. Natural/native groundcover plantings would be much better suited for areas along roadways. They would require less upkeep, meaning less money spent and less environmental damage. Seems the fiscal conservatives and the environmentalists should agree on this sensible solution.

Andrea Cross-Dial


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