Cindy Emens: They lost, but they fought hard

October 18, 2013 

They lost, but they fought hard

On Oct. 8, two determined independents, Deborah Pugh and Karl Thor, waged courageous advances on the mightily entrenched Cary Town Council incumbents Jack Smith and Jennifer Robinson.

Pugh filed as a council candidate in July with the conviction that Cary’s government needs fixing, a pocketful of principles, $1,000 in retirement savings and resolve to accept no contributions.

Pugh began her campaign without the underpinnings of a professionally formulated platform; political party money, manpower and endorsement; name recognition; the “incumbent advantage”; the network of developers and fat-wallet businessmen; or an experienced campaign manager and committee.

Some media outlets dubbed her as a less-than-serious contender and shunned her.

What Pugh brought to the contest was a stunning resume of accomplishments as an educator, school administrator, college instructor, teacher supervisor and technical consultant.

Along with proven leadership skills, she has wisdom, understanding of the issues and an unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility, conservative values and her community.

Like Thor, she is opposed to destroying Cary’s lovely neighborhoods with more high-rise, high-density housing projects and a hugely disruptive train corridor.

She also opposes expansion that ignores the burden on town services and infrastructure.

The odds against Pugh and Thor were seemingly insurmountable, but in a matter of weeks, with a handful of dedicated volunteers, these two candidates took 30percent and 40percent of the votes, respectively.

I feel confident that Pugh and Thor appreciate the citizen support they received and they will continue to represent their constituents.

Cindy Emens


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