Georgine Adams: When did Harrison Avenue become a race track?

October 18, 2013 

When did Harrison become a racetrack?

I live on North Harrison Avenue in Cary, and I’ve noticed that traffic has gotten very fast in the past couple of months.

The speed limit is 35 mph, headed into a 45-mph zone.

But since they put in a Walmart store at Harrison and Maynard Road, it’s like a racetrack in front of my home.

Motorcycles and cars alike exceed the speed limit, and no one tries to stop them.

I keep hoping the Incredible Hulk will walk out of one of the side streets and step on any one of the offenders, but no such luck.

I sometimes wish I had a javelin to throw through the spokes of the rocket-mobile wheels, but I do not.

There was never this influx of such fast-moving traffic before, so what is the deal?

Georgine Adams


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