Edna Cole: Rules are good, but where’s the sense in downtown hotel?

October 11, 2013 

Rules are good, but where’s the sense in downtown hotel?

As a longtime Realtor in Cary, I have worked with individuals who sought to establish a home-based small business from their residence or expand the services of one already established, so I know the tough restrictions they have faced.

In the end, we have all benefited from the rigid rules and requirements that make Cary a unique place to live, even though those restrictions seem so unfair to the principles at the time.

So what happened?

Seven parking places for a hotel? Waive the usual street-upgrade requirement? Sell the land to the developer for approximately $849,000 less than the town paid? Take out a $4.1 million federal HUD loan on behalf of the developers? Set aside $325,000 for “prep work?”

Where, pray tell, will the approximately 40 staff – designated as low- and moderate-income positions – park? Who will be rewarded with those seven parking spaces?

Edna Cole


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