Allen Turkow: No high-density projects, please

October 4, 2013 

No high-density projects, please

Every day I drive by High House Road and Davis Drive in Cary. I get nauseated when I get to the intersection.

Why? When I look over at the Bradford high-density, high-rise development, I get sick to my stomach. Can you believe there will be 370 apartments and 20 townhouses in such a small area?

It sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the other developments in the area. How could the Town Council vote for such a high-density development? Actually, my neighbor told me why. He watched a council member that night say residents will like the development when they see it.

I see it, and I hate it.

In fact, not one of my Preston Village neighbors likes it. What’s next? Lower property values, higher crime rates and uncontrollable traffic.

When tried to stop the project, the group was right on. They had the right vision for Cary – not the “new Cary” vision some are focused on.

When will the Town Council start listening to their constituents? No high-density development – period.

Allen Turkow


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