Doug Richmond: Who’s coming to this hotel, and where will they park?

October 4, 2013 

Who’s coming to this hotel, and where will they park?

I wonder if the town of Cary or the developer who proposes to build a hotel downtown has shared this marketing plan with anyone.

Who will the expected clientele be? Will they be those attending concerts at Koka Booth Amphitheatre or the Cary Arts Center or the new downtown theater? Or perhaps people attending a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game? Or maybe the hotel itself will be a destination? It certainly will have a well-known name.

Will guests arrive by taxi or limo, as there will be limited parking, or will there be a hotel shuttle? For those who do drive, will the walk from the on-street parking be short, or will there be people to park cars for the guests?

Has the current required number of parking spaces been waived already? Will there be waived parking tickets if the on-street parking is on the wrong street?

I expect I missed the public hearing, but I still would like to know the wisdom that prevailed to allow this whole affair.

Doug Richmond


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