Ted Harrison: Sign of the times

September 27, 2013 

Sign of the times

The times they are a-changing – definitely.

Cary may get a downtown hotel. To make this happen, the town will serve as a conduit for a nearly $1.5million federal loan, and the estimated price tag for what is described as a boutique hotel is $9.5million.

It is ironic that Cary retains remnants of the days when the town held a place on the busy north-south thoroughfare: U.S. 1. That’s to say nothing of train travel.

“Tourist courts,” as they were often called, still exist in Cary in their various stages of use. These were places of rest for travelers, and it is doubtful any of the courts that have disappeared or those that remain would be considered a “boutique.”

None of this is to say that this is a good deal or not, just an indication of times that are changing.

Ted Harrison


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