Allen Turkow: An emotional decision

September 20, 2013 

An emotional decision

The Cary Town Council decided to move forward with The Mayton Inn, despite the enormous amount of tax dollars funneling into the project.

When I compared the numbers with the incentives given to MetLife, it was obvious The Mayton Inn project should be stopped. However, the Town Council chose to move ahead. Several comments I heard during a recent public hearing were disturbing, including the notion that the hotel will bring $130,000 a year in tax revenue in 10 years. Yes it will, but the first eight years will have to pay off the $900,000 loss in the sale of the one-acre lot.

Also, it’s not true that the town will own the building if the project fails – the bank will own the building. The approximately $5 million that will be spent on this project could be used more wisely.

Emotions should never trump sound business sense. All of this for 40 low-end jobs. Wonder why your taxes are going up?

Allen Turkow


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