Elizabeth Padgett: Don’t cancel parade

September 20, 2013 

Don’t cancel parade

As a member of the Cary High School band’s color guard, I was shocked to hear that this year’s Cary Band Day parade is canceled. I understand the reasoning (the parade route is undergoing construction), but what parade organizers don’t understand is this would have been the last Cary Band Day parade for some students.

Some will never get the chance to walk the parade route one last time as seniors. There are many parades this year, but there is only one Cary Band Day parade.

I am also disappointed in the lack of communication about this issue. I would have thought Cary officials would support the Cary band; we travel throughout North Carolina supporting Cary High and the town.

The parade is a way for us to showcase to the community all of our hard work. And it’s a chance to give back to students; we don’t feel much pressure because we are the Cary band and we do not compete. We’re there to host and raise money. The parade also lets us meet the other bands and to make new friends from different places.

I truly hope the parade organizer reconsider their decision.

Elizabeth Padgett


Elizabeth is a sophomore at Cary High School.

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