Laura Bennett: Parade is an important tradition

September 13, 2013 

Parade is an important tradition

I’ve been a member of the Cary High School marching band for three years now, and I know how much the band values tradition. Every day after practice and before competitions and football games, the drum majors asks, “What kind of band do we have?” Our response: “Number one, sir!”

We also have a tradition of the “Cary Green” on our uniforms. That has been something that our band director has always incorporated onto the field, such as the green stripe that is on our uniform today.

The Cary Band Day Parade is a tradition that has been going on for as long as 1958. Even though parades are not our favorite thing to do, we band kids still value the importance that it holds to our annual Cary Band Day. I understand the concern about the construction along the parade path, and can understand why everyone is concerned for our safety. However, it upsets me, and I am sure others as well, that this tradition is not going to be part of Cary Band Day this year.

It kicks off our last performance before the season comes to an end and shows how much we love our band and how we support the others that are there with us. I realize that a lot of thought and consideration were put into the cancellation of the parade, but Cary Band Day means a lot to all of us, and the parade is a very important tradition.

Laura Bennett


Bennett is a sophomore at Cary High School.

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