Dennis Hoadley: Answers to healthcare law questions

September 6, 2013 

Answers to healthcare law questions

Soon, millions of Americans – some of whom have no healthcare coverage and some who are currently covered by their employer – will be looking for the facts about the new health law. AARP is here to help.

There is no argument that there is a lot to learn about the law, but the new benefits and protections will help people in North Carolina. Its many provisions include a better Medicare drug benefit and new protections for health insurance consumers. For people without insurance or who buy it on their own, the law creates a health insurance exchange to help you get the coverage you need, with benefits starting next year.

AARP wants people to understand what the health law means for them, and we are offering tools to help people get the facts. Visit today for straight talk on what the law means to you and your loved ones.

As an active AARP volunteer, I am well aware that opinions on this law vary. But whatever you think of the law, it makes sense to know what it means for you and your family.

Dennis Hoadley


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