Steve Barsby: Drivers, be a little courteous

August 30, 2013 

Drivers, be a little courteous

I recently returned from a bicycle trip that included a few days in Portland, Ore. Portland is truly a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly city. Repeatedly, cars stopped at busy intersections even when they had the right-of-way and motioned for cyclists to cross. Intersections with traffic signals have cyclist-accessible crossing buttons.

Recently while I was walking two of our dogs, I crossed Walnut Street at Tanglewood Drive in Cary. The street was clear both ways when I started. As I reached the halfway point, a pickup came around the corner. Rather than slow to permit a safe and peaceful crossing, I was greeted with a horn sound as the truck passed by a foot or two from us.

We pedestrians and cyclists need to start noting and/or filming license plates of dangerous drivers and report them. The police should be conducting enforcement and public-education campaigns to promote safer driving. I missed my opportunity, as I had both hands occupied holding leashes to keep my dogs safe.

Steve Barsby


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