Doug Richmond: Sometimes progress hurts

August 30, 2013 

Sometimes progress hurts

I have been thinking about The Cary theater. I guess Cary needs another live-performance venue, though that will now make four if you count the Page-Walker Arts & History Center. I assume there was sufficient market research to convince the Town Council that another one was needed.

At least the renovations are attractive.

I am always struck, however, by the apparent lack of concern for existing businesses as downtowns start improving. A case in point here is Johnson’s Jewelers. This family-owned small business was here when we moved to Cary in 1971, and it was there for a long time before that. It is almost the archetype of the genre; same location, locally owned and operated, supports many generations of the family, contributes to the community, knows its customers, etc.

Now however, thanks to planning, its parking is gone – not only in the lot beside the business which is now occupied by a new brick building, but also its street parking, which I understand is a permanent loss, not just a temporary inconvenience while construction/renovation is underway.

Progress is progress, but that pattern is, unfortunately, very prevalent and a stiff price to pay for a longtime Cary citizen and business owner. Too bad!

Doug Richmond


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