Beryl Lazzaro: Pretty but impractical roundabouts

August 23, 2013 

Pretty but impractical

Coming from England, I’ve had a lot of experience with roundabouts. Over there, two lanes (and frequently more) aid maneuvering and cut down traffic delays. The one-lane roundabouts are there specifically to slow down traffic in residential areas. Of course, both require people to actually use their indicators to let other drivers know their intentions.

Not going to happen here! I think the Cary roundabouts are pretty, perhaps to take away the ugliness of their surroundings, but they are extremely expensive and impractical.

I hope any large vehicles (think tractor-trailers) have their GPS up to date. They will need to avoid these like the plague. Not that the downtown area gets many of those, but the only easy option now for very large vehicles to deliver to East Chatham Street is Harrison Avenue or Academy Street.

Lovely. I hope those residents and small businesses don’t mind and the rest of the traffic can afford to wait for them to get back out to those roads.

Beryl Lazzaro


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