Lynn Jenkins: Not the only eyesore

August 16, 2013 

Not the only eyesore

There’s been a lot of discussion about the “fire sculpture” in downtown Cary and the expense of moving it. But that sculpture is not the only piece of “artwork” that is problematic for taxpayers.

The Wrenn Drive post office in Cary has the most hideous of sculptures in front of its building. I wish the money used to purchase and install that eyesore was used instead to redesign the parking lot and re-landscape the median at the post office.

It is a very busy area and can be difficult to back out of a parking space without being hit by another car or hitting a pedestrian. The median doesn’t have a walking area for pedestrians and is full of small stones that are huge tripping hazards!

If the town of Cary is not going to do anything about the parking situation, at least don’t make its citizens have to look at that gaudy pink structure anymore.

Don’t use our money to pay to have it moved, either. Please use our money to make use of a wrecking ball on it instead!

Lynn Jenkins


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