Linda Barbour: What’s so wrong with friendship?

August 9, 2013 

What’s so wrong with friendship?

Over the past several years we have heard a lot from the Wake County school board about diversity. Now we have a high school being built in a community which by its name and oral history serves as an example of a desirable goal for a diverse population – Friendship.

There are those in this community who thought it would be good to include the word “Friendship” in the school name. After all, isn’t friendship an appropriate word? Does it not indicate a place about to be forever changed by the coming of this school? Does it not indicate a desirable goal of diversity?

Apparently not. A cacophony of voices arose by way of petition to shout down this word. It is not “appropriate” for a school; some child might be ashamed to have this word as part of his or her school name; the word is laughable, and so on.

I must have nodded off at the time “friendship” got nixed from the politically correct list. But really, what have we come to? The bottom line in all this non-thinking is that in Wake County rural people are not a part of the “vision.”

When they shout “diversity,” they are not talking about us.

Linda Barbour

New Hill

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