Robert Renke: No safe way on bike

August 2, 2013 

No safe way on bike

I’m a fan of cycling, and I bike to work on occasion. The trails and greenways are great, but only the roads will get most people to the office. Simply put, there is no good way to get through the heart of Cary east to west on the roads.

The two choices are Chapel Hill Road (N.C. 54) or Apex/Chatham roads. Neither is bike friendly. Moreover, there is no safe way across I-40 in any direction, particularly toward Raleigh.

I live near Preston and work near the PNC Arena. It should be an easy eight-mile ride, and it is. But it’s not safe. N.C. 54 has no shoulder or room for biking between Morrisville and NE Maynard Road; and High House/Apex/Chatham has several uncomfortable choke points. I take Trinity Road across I-40, but it’s narrow and the curve at Trenton is dangerous for bikes.

N.C. 54 would be the ideal east-west road to allow people to bike to work – toward Raleigh or toward Perimeter Park. But it’s absolutely off limits to bikes as presently configured west of NE Maynard. Until bikes can easily get east-west and across I-40, very few will have a viable path to the office on bike.

Robert Renke


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