Michael Schlink: Northwest Park, finally

August 2, 2013 

Northwest Park, finally

Regarding the informative article on construction of Northwest Park in Morrisville, the town council’s recent action is a fine example of the axiom, good government starts with listening to the public.

The council vote was a positive step forward in maintaining the trust and credibility of our Morrisville residents who have spoken in their overwhelming support for moving the park forward, overcoming obstacles and fostering greater public collaboration .

The park has been on hold since 2007 for fiscal assumptions which are no longer valid. As the article pointed out, developers of the neighborhoods around the park gifted the town the park land valued today at over $750,000 and provided over $1 million in parks fees which have been used to pay for other parks projects.

Roughly 25 percent of the town’s population is in a short walking distance to the park. Like these residents I look forward to the phasing in of this neglected town park and connecting our neighborhoods and Morrisville to the Research Triangle Park’s vast greenway system.

Michael Schlink


Schlink is a member of the Morrisville Town Council.

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