Douglas Johnston: Don’t shortchange greenways

August 2, 2013 

Don’t shortchange greenways

As an admirer of Cary and its signature greenway, I was alarmed by reports that a developer wants to ignore some town greenway requirements in a project along Weston Parkway, a woodsy setting.

The people of Cary deserve a closer look at this threat to the practical and equitable standards they have chosen for their community. They deserve no less than full compliance with greenway requirements.

Adjustments to requirements are one thing. Reductions are quite another. Are Cary residents so comfortable with what they have that they ignore the danger of it slipping away, slowly and piecemeal?

Few in Cary are NIMBY types; instead, most welcome responsible neighbors, including developers who do their share. The standards are reasonable.

Cary people know what they want. Just look around. I hope and believe that they are as exceptional as their town and that they’ll keep it that way in the face of this and all future development.

Douglas Johnston


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