Elizabeth Snively: Libraries and downtowns matter

July 26, 2013 

Libraries and downtowns matter

Guest columnist Jim Tynen wrote in The Cary News that he is against spending to improve the main Cary library, arguing that paper books will soon be obsolete. While this is not actually true yet, my main observation is that Tynen has obviously not been to this library recently.

As parents of young children, we visit the Cary library during the school year and a few times a week during summer. It is a very busy library that offers many programs and services in addition to paper books – computers, programs for children and adults, helpful librarians and a social meeting place. We also visit the beautiful, newer West Regional Library, also a very busy place, fairly frequently.

Libraries will continue to evolve and are one of the best examples of tax dollars at work, creating public places that foster positive educational and social pursuits.

Also, a recent letter to the editor by Ray Czarnecki said he was against spending to enhance Cary’s downtown. Czarnecki wrote that Cary is a suburb of Raleigh and should utilize Raleigh’s downtown rather than develop its own.

I disagree. Raleigh does offer great attractions, but Cary needs to have a more vibrant town center too. Our family could easily bicycle to downtown Cary, but going to Raleigh is a car trip.

We want interesting destinations nearby. I would love to take friends to downtown Cary, but as it is, we usually skip it entirely.

We can do better.

Elizabeth Snively


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