Ray Czarnecki: A suburb, and proud of it

July 13, 2013 

A suburb, and proud of it

Over the past several months, we in Cary have been involved in developing ideas and suggestions for a long-term plan. Key to this activity is to recognize who we are so that we can develop a plan to suit our character.

All analysis leads us to the conclusion that we are a suburb of Raleigh and RTP, providing a beautiful, clean, safe place to live with plenty of space, parks and recreation – a great place to raise a family that values church and home.

Raleigh, in contrast, provides entertainment, advanced education, professional sports, restaurants, business and culture. Raleigh’s downtown is Cary’s downtown.

The Fourth of July celebration confirmed this city/suburb relationship. Cary celebrated in Bond Park with fishing, boating, games, food, etc. Fireworks were at Koka Booth Amphitheatre.

Raleigh, meanwhile, celebrated downtown on city streets among restaurants, theaters, bars and outdoor entertainment. Fireworks were in the inner city in two locations. Night life in Raleigh was on parade.

Cary staff and council are trying to transform downtown Cary into a high-rise, densely populated, transit-oriented community with restaurants, bars and theater competitive to Raleigh, all at present with public funds. But if large amounts of capital are required, then it should be private capital. The private sector is better prepared to do a cost/benefit analysis than any town staff.

Let downtown reflect our values as a proud, beautiful suburb.

Ray Czarnecki


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