Bob Butler: Let’s see some action

June 29, 2013 

Let’s see some action

The obstructionists on the Morrisville Town Council are hard at work. It seems that a certain faction of the council is intent on slowing any reasonable progress to make it a municipality that the citizens can be proud of.

The slowing of issuing bonds approved in 2004 shows inaction. This past November’s vote on roads and parks bonds, which the citizens approved overwhelmingly, is destined to be relegated to the back burner, and the issuing of those bonds is bound for the next decade.

The most egregious inaction on the council is the appointment of a new town manager. A consultant, hired in December, whittled down the applicants to a manageable number to assist the council. There were over 100 applicants. The decision was to be made in early April. Now it seems all the work done by the consultant has been destroyed and the process is wide open again.

My guess is the same obstructionists are hard at work again, making Morrisville inaction the standard with which they conduct their business.

Morrisville, which is considered the Heart of the Triangle, now needs a defibrillator to avoid the moniker of Town of Inaction.

Bob Butler


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