Kirk, Linda and Catherine Fuller: ‘The right thing to do’

June 21, 2013 

‘The right thing to do’

We have lived in Cary for more than 37 years, and the qualities which initially attracted us are still alive and well: caring people who will assist in a crisis.

Recently, our family pet ran away into the Tanglewood area and went missing for eight days. During that time, we received numerous phone calls from individuals who were trying to help us find Indy.

We were amazed to learn how many people were aware of his “escape” and how they were trying to catch him. We even had a young-adults class from White Plains United Methodist Church organize an impromptu search party.

I am happy to report that Indy was captured in the woods behind Cary High School. He was a few pounds lighter but was pronounced in perfect health by his veterinarian.

I don’t know how to begin to thank all of the people who helped in our search: the teenager who sighted him from her bus, the women who offered him food, the lady who offered a tree for shade (and a bathroom for necessity!), the men who walked their own dogs in hopes of attracting him, and many others.

Thank you all for your love and concern. You are part of what makes this community great. As one caller said, “Just because it’s the right thing to do.”

Kirk, Linda and Catherine Fuller


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