Marc Scagnelli: A job well done

June 15, 2013 

A job well done

Cary is a great place to live due in no small part to the dedicated work of our Town Council members and town of Cary employees. They hear about all the problems but not often enough do they get the thanks for a job well done.

Last year, I emailed my council member, Gale Adcock, to let her know about a problem on my street. When it rained even a little, the water would pool and we would have standing water for days.

Adcock contacted Dan Clinton with Cary’s stormwater engineering. Throughout the process, both Gale and Dan were supportive and accessible and kept us up to date on the progress. Recently, Moffat Pipe, the company hired by the town to install a storm drain and repave the street, finished the job. After a recent heavy rain, there was no standing water. Brad Keeley, project superintendent for the company, did an exceptional job and took great care not to disturb the surrounding property more than was necessary.

So I just wanted to take time to publicly thank not only Gale, Dan and Brad, but the many other people who were involved in solving this problem for our neighborhood. It is much appreciated, and you all deserve to be recognized for a job well done. Thank you!

Marc Scagnelli


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