Paul Gregg: Quality leadership

June 15, 2013 

Quality leadership

I have read with some dismay the negative letters to the editor and general coverage of Cary’s Summit on the Future event held May 2.

I believe the town’s staff deserve kudos for pulling off a bold, transparent and informative session. I thought the presentations were very thought-provoking and well-done, however unsettling some of the facts presented may have been.

I hope neither the town nor its citizens will be discouraged by the remarks of nay-sayers and those in denial of developing trends. History is littered with the remains of organizations (and municipalities) whose mantra was, “Everything is fine, why change?”

Leadership requires one’s head to be out of the sand, keenly looking to the horizon. Thank you, town staff, for your leadership as exhibited by the summit and subsequent follow-up meetings.

Paul Gregg


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