On Business: NuLevel Training

Apex personal trainers thrive on motivation and transformation

CorrespondentJune 10, 2013 

Will Mann, left, and Dawn Christley opened NuLevel Training in Apex in March.


— Two local personal trainers are motivating clients to reach their fitness goals at NuLevel Training in Apex.

Dawn Christley and Will Mann teamed up to open the studio in March. They wanted to avoid the typical gym atmosphere, instead opting for a private setting where they are in complete control of the fitness programs offered to clients.

“It has always been a dream, a desire to have my own place,” Christley said.

In addition to personal training for clients of all fitness levels, NuLevel offers boot camps, boxing, virtual training and nutrition guidelines.

A big part of their jobs is encouraging clients, and Christley and Mann said they are motivated by transformation. Mann especially enjoys seeing the change in clients who come to him for help when they’ve hit a roadblock on their own.

“It’s a good feeling to help someone when they thought they couldn’t do it anymore,” Mann said. “To see that smile on their face is the best feeling in the world.”

Whether clients are trying to lose weight, build strength or train for competition, some lack self-confidence when they first enter NuLevel, Christley said.

“To be able to see them break out of their shell and become a different person than when they walked in the door, is just huge,” Christley said. “I like to see people change – not just physically, but emotionally and mentally.”

Body and mind

People enjoy going to the private setting to train, the owners said. That privacy is especially helpful for people who might feel self-conscious when they are just starting out on the journey to reach their fitness goals.

“We’re helping them get over the intimidation, but we’re working at the same time; we’re still pushing them,” Mann said.

Both trainers believe that motivation plays an integral role in their clients’ success. And while clients sweat through physical challenges and reach beyond their comfort zone, they also focus on mental health and talk about any issues they might have.

Mann and Christley said it’s about helping the whole person.

“We care,” Christley said.

Get in boot-camp gear

Clients can attend boot camp classes up to six days a week.

Boot campers use a range of equipment, including weights, ropes and tires. On any given day, they might work the upper body, total body or go out and train for mud runs.

“They know they’re not going to walk in and get the same class they had the day before,” Christley said. “They love the fact that there’s so much variety.”

Potential clients can try out boot-camp class for free.

Box it out

NuLevel offers a three-month fitness program that teaches participants boxing techniques.

There is no actual sparring, but class members get to practice their punches on Mann when he’s wearing a body pad.

Virtual training

Clients who can’t make it to the facility for training sessions can follow a fitness program through NuLevel’s virtual trainer.

Once the trainers assess the client’s needs, they formulate a specific program. The clients do the workouts on their own, but they still receive coaching, accountability and support from the NuLevel trainers.


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