Norman Singer: We need bike lanes

June 8, 2013 

We need bike lanes

I am responding to the letter writer who said Cary is not inviting to pedestrians. It’s also not inviting for drivers who must share narrow roads, such as O’Kelly Chapel, with bicyclists.

This is very annoying and unsafe. The right lane must be shared, causing many drivers to pass into the oncoming traffic to avoid bicyclists. There need to be more marked bicycle lanes.

Since bicycle riding has become so popular, no accommodations have been made. I have ridden a bicycle on O’Kelly Chapel, and it is very fast-moving and dangerous. Some of these cow paths were never meant for vehicles at all, let alone a vehicle and a bicycle. Not to mention that some of these intersections need a traffic light, including areas near the American Tobacco Trail.

Cars park on the side of the road instead of in a designated parking area. The Town Council should do something now to build more bike lanes, install more lights and make parking areas. As the town grows, the infrastructure must do likewise to make it safe and enjoyable for all residents.

Let’s hope this situation is rectified quickly, before an accident happens.

Norman Singer


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