Howard Adriance: View from the lake

June 8, 2013 

View from the lake

The proposed office project that could house MetLife in the Weston lakefront area represent a further decline in the views of Lake Crabtree.

Standing on the lake shoreline in the area of the Lake Crabtree County Park, the skyline to the south is cluttered with high-rise buildings. Instead of viewing what was once a pleasant ridge, we now see boring buildings rising high into the sky. The MetLife buildings will be more of the same by extending that manmade horizon.

Another negative is at the north end of the lake shoreline, where the view is that of Aviation Parkway, with its heavy traffic and accompanying noise. The west side of the lake is currently heavy industrial.

Existing buildings already interfere with the natural flow of winds across the lake. This affects the sailing on the lake, particularly the Sunfish sailboat fleet currently there. More buildings such as those proposed will further affect these natural winds.

If this trend continues, I envision an urban landscape of high buildings with a lake somewhere in the middle.

Howard Adriance


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