Roger Gore: Heart of Cary is key

June 1, 2013 

Heart of Cary is key

Some observations from Cary’s recent Summit on the Future:

1. Speaker Chris Leinberger discussed a re-imagined Cary with a heart and soul – a resident-friendly place to work, live, breathe, grow, walk, bike, drive, shop, play and relax.

2. Cary’s future is bright, and the majority want the new Cary now.

3. Past tendencies are to over-plan and under-deliver.

Cary needs city leaders with resident-centered vision. Steal ideas from other walkable cities. The heart of Cary has to be the focus. Any city center should have vibrant, diverse shops and restaurants that are easily reachable by foot, bike and car.

Chapel Hill has the highest home property values, the least redundant development and the most diverse shops/restaurants in the Triangle. Don’t “imagine” for too long, or Durham will have already out innovated us. And don’t create another ultra-sprawled Atlanta.

A vibrant heart of Cary will evolve if leaders step up and listen. Former downtown manager Ed Gawf has already provided a great start to the rebirth.

Roger Gore


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