Laura Phan: Challenge us in math

June 1, 2013 

Challenge us in math

I recently read a news article about how some parents are troubled by Wake County schools’ math plans for gifted students. I took seventh-grade math in sixth grade. At first, I wondered why I was even in that class because it was hard. Later on, I asked my fifth-grade math teacher, and she had recommended the class for me. She saw some potential in me, and I am really thankful for that.

As a current high school student, I agree with the school administrators about placing students appropriately next year. I noticed that these advanced math classes are getting bigger every year. When I was in sixth grade, there were only about eight of us taking seventh-grade math. It’s nice to know there are more bright minds coming every year.

But I read that apparently it’s harder to get into seventh-grade math for rising sixth-graders because of exams. I think the schools added another math class, and it’s not challenging enough for some academically gifted students. I hope it all works out in the future.

Laura Phan

Laura is a sophomore at Cary High School.

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